King Harald Reviewed in Pioneer Press

Most of the book reviews I’ve sought out have been with bloggers and folks who review on Amazon and Goodreads. But someone recently suggested I get in touch with the St. Paul Pioneer Press’s book reviewer, Mary Ann Grossmann. She makes it a point of regularly covering local small press and indie authors. (Many newspapers won’t even look at indie-published books.)

Well, I dropped off copies of both King Harald books a few weeks ago and last week heard back from Ms. Grossmann. She wrote me that she loved King Harald and ran a really nice review yesterday. Pretty cool. In fact, the review gave me a little bump in Kindle sales—always welcome.

Here’s Ms. Grossmann’s takeaway: “This series is as much about small-town life as it is about crime. The human characters are likable, and Harald is a big, happy dude who doesn’t know he’s a crime sniffer. He just does his doggie thing — rambling around town, worrying about The Boss, chasing squirrels and following his nose wherever it takes him. Which usually means trouble for Andy.”



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