Great Review on Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

In what can only be called  a fine Christmas present for an author, the Cozy Mystery Book Reviews website posted a very positive review of King Harald on Christmas Day.

My favorite quote is: “The Karma of King Harald was a really fun, light hearted cozy mystery. For fans of canines in cozy mysteries this is definitely one you won’t want to miss.”

Some other great comments include:

“I really enjoy cozy mysteries with animals, and I have a new series to add my to ‘favorites’ list with King Harald, the adorable canine in this series. King Harald, with his ability to sniff out clues, had me saying ‘aww’ a lot…”

“As a first book in this series, I was instantly pulled into the town of New Bergen, and it’s ‘unusual’ occupants. Trudi Bock, New Age retailer at Karma Kubbyhole, certainly lights up the pages, as she tries to get Andy to rekindle their flame, despite Andy dating Deputy Sheriff Cass Conlin.”

Many thanks to Cozy Mystery Book Reviews for the kind words.

To read the full review, just click here.


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