Hi from New Bergen!

A big hello to everyone from the picturesque little town of New Bergen–about a two-hour drive northwest up the Interstate from the Cities, in the heart of Beaver Tail County. We’re famous for our many antique shops, and the great noodles and pasta they make at the Lovely Lena Macaroni Corporation. Not famous yet, but hoping to be, are New Bergen residents Andy Skyberg and his dog King Harald.

This is the very first blog post about Andy and Harald, and they’re proud to be here. Their premiere adventure in cozy crime-fighting, The Karma of King Harald, will be out in early December and they’re eager to know what you think about it. Andy, by the way, is looking for a new girlfriend and Harald is happy to accept a Slim Jim from time to time. (Though Andy reserves the right to limit the quantities of beef sticks that his canine companion consumes.)

Check back here for more news in the weeks and months after King Harald takes its bow.



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